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My Portfolio

See What Kinds of Writing I Do!


Creative Writing

You can find my short fiction on page 14 of Creation Magazine, in Dream Noir, in Ink in Thirds and with the Los Angeles-based creative media company, Kingdom of Pavement. In 2023, I was included in the TulipTree anthology Stories That Need to Be Told. Stay tuned for forthcoming work!

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Commissioned Writing

I've written for lawyers, newspapers, hobby blogs, and podcasts. My favorite pieces include "Pressure Cooker" and "What She Learned from the Flowers" for the True Fiction Project, my blog about tortoiseshell cats for Red Cat Media, and my coverage of long-term COVID for Dabdoub Law Firm.

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Other Publications

From travel writing to academia to guest blogging, I write it all. Please check out my award-winning travel blog, "Snorkels with Sharks," my featured Cinema and Media Studies essay, and my piece about substitute teaching for Swing Education.

I'd also love it if you took a look at my blog!

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