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Welcome to Heart Without a Home

Dear Readers,


I’d like to introduce you to Heart Without a Home.


This collection is deeply personal. It’s about growing up, working through past (often generational) trauma, and finding somewhere to belong.


It’s also symbolic for me, as it’s my first time sharing my work directly to my platforms, which right now consist of Instagram and this website –


Some of these stories have already been shared, but many of them were unable to find homes in literary journals and magazines. When I share them, I will also be transparent about the number of times they were rejected and any feedback I encountered from editors.


Rest assured that you are not receiving first drafts. You are receiving whole, thoughtful portions of my heart, and I truly hope that these stories – and my collection – can find a home with you.


Thank you for keeping up with my life, thank you for reading my work.


Over the next period of time, Heart Without a Home will become yours. I’m excited to embark on this little literary experiment with you.


Logan Rose

Table of Contents

(subject to change)



Severing (Posted to Instagram on January 11, 2024)


Chapter 1 – Heart:


Mercy Mathieu (coming soon)


Rose Colored


Mourning Glories






Stay tuned!

I will be sharing Mercy Mathieu very soon.

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